St. Luigi's has an exciting volunteer programme which is free to all volunteers (except board and lodging - and that also depends on where you choose to stay). You can come as long as you want and we welcome all nationalities.  In the past we have had local Afrikaans, English, Scots, Irish, Austrian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Italian, French, American and Israeli volunteers.


Many of our children are in need of extra and individual support.


Your sponsorship will enable them to:

  • Buy medicine

  • Extra nutriional support

  • Pay for medical bills

  • School Uniforms

  • School Bursaries

  • University Bursaries

  • Help their families


Children presently in need are

Aiden, Francescha, Kurt and Dominique



Sponsoring our local volunteers is also a way to help as many of our youth help at the Centre as a way to keep them off the streets and off drugs and away from the gangs

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The Third Miracle of

St. Luigi


In 1996 a young Zambian who joined our Oratorian Community was diagnosed of an AIDS related illness and the doctors at the Oudtshoorn hospital could do no more for him.  Before he left to go home to Zambia to spend out his last days, he urged the Oudtshoorn Cathedral parish to begin a novena prayer to the still very unknown Blessed Luigi.  This they duly did, and on the night of Oct. 9, 1996, he went to bed and dreamed of the blessed Luigi who told him to get up as he still had work to do.  The next morning he woke up feeling absolutely fine and Dr. Piet du Toit, one of the doctors on the case, said: "I sent him home because he was a terminal patient, and he returned brimming with health."  After a long investigation it was declared that his healing was indeed a miracle and that this was the third miracle required to canonize the then Blessed Luigi, Scrosoppi.  This man now a Parish Priest is a still a living miracle as living a normal healthy life.


When the miracle occurred the Oratory community felt that a miracle is a wakeup call from God, and after having served as Parish Priests in the local townships, they felt that there was a real need for a place of beauty and play for the children of these townships.  Also, because St. Luigi lived his life in total abandonment to Divine Providence and service of God, urging his spiritual children to ‘... let Jesus Christ be served and honoured in the person of His poor ones’, our Oratorians felt that this is what we had to do..


It was then that the idea of the Centre was formulated and the Oratorians moved into the Bridgton township and there they laid the foundations of the St. Luigi Scrosoppi Sorgsentrum/Care Centre.


The local municipality gifted land to the community – a former rubbish dump and – then the Sisters of Providence came from Italy to help set up the project.  The Sister of Providence is the order of nuns founded by St. Luigi himself. The nuns came to South Africa to start an AIDS orphanage, but upon arriving in our area, the realised that malnutrition and neglect are our problems and not necessarily AIDS related (other areas in South Africa are more affected by it – our community is racked by substance and alcohol abuse.)  The Sisters started House Bethany/Huis Betanie for malnourished infants and House Nasareth/Nasaret a home for vulnerable children.

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