Ecologically speaking our township life is not enviromentally friendly or with no greenery or fields to play on.  Litter is thrown on the streets and children play on rubbish dumps. Gardening and growing our own food is an important aspect of our project and trough our gardens we are able to foster a love of nature and care for the environment.


Our motto is: Children are the heart of the Centre and the gardens the lungs…


“With nature's help, humankind can set into creation all that is necessary and life sustaining.” Hildegard Von Bingen


This tunnel will be our garden’s incubator and will enable us to:

• Nurture and grow strong baby plants 

• Develop specialist vegetables the whole year round

• Grow crops aimed at income generation

• Grow Frankincense Trees


In the long term we hope to expand our kloof into an income generation Frankincense Forest


We urgently need help and advice with our trees, if you know how to grow Bowellia, let us know please

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PBO- 930010048

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+27 44 2039606

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29 Wolfweg, Bridgton, 6625