In response to the words of St. Luigi, we ‘... take care of the young the Lord has entrusted to you as the apple of His eye’, of those who ‘have no voice and those who are treated unjustly,’ that they ‘may know that they are heard, defended and helped’. 


St Luigi’s is the umbrella organisation for a number of programmes aimed at empowering children and youth and encompassing many aspects of care and pastoral work in our local community.  It is a refuge where disadvantaged children and youth can come to play, learn and receive good nutrition and healthcare in a safe, secure and loving environment. 


At St. Luigi’s we offer children a safe haven from the world in which they live so that they can grow up believing that beauty and goodness can outstrip the harshness of their daily lives.  At the Centre the child comes first - a child who can discover his talents and skills, strengths and weaknesses and ways in which to grow.













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